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Made to Order and Bespoke Dresses – From Idea to Creation

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Woven Labels - Tanya Dimitrova Apparel Sampling and Production

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your ideas become real creations. Here at Tanya Dimitrova, we make your dream garments a reality with our luxury fashion manufacturer services and talented team of pattern cutters and seamstresses!

Perhaps you’re looking to create a custom bridal look, or ready to kickstart your made-to-order business model? When you’re ready, we’re here to help.

Are you interested in working with a bespoke dress designer? Keep on reading to explore how we can turn your sketches into reality!

Don’t settle for less

We understand how frustrating it can be when you have an idea in your head for the perfect dress that doesn’t exist yet. But, don’t keep the idea on paper! Finding a sample studio to work with is easier than you may expect.

We understand that when creating designer clothes, London is a difficult city to source pattern cutters in. The waitlists are long and some teams can be tough to get in touch with. But, finding a studio to create samples for doesn’t have to be frustrating!

So, are you ready to take the next steps with a luxury fashion manufacturer?

Introducing our sample studio in London

Here at Tanya Dimitrova, we make sure every sample and toile are completed to perfection to ensure you are getting premium quality every time. With a skilled team and experience in all areas of garment construction, we are always ready to create custom and bespoke dress designs for you.

Our areas of expertise include working with luxury silks, tailoring, and jersey fabrics too. We also offer solutions for established designers, emerging designers, bespoke stores, high-end brands, high-street brands, and individual clients too.

Not only that, but we work with the latest machines, technology, and fine fabrics to produce luxury solutions. Nothing is rushed in this studio! Our seamstresses are always ready to tackle your intricate designs.

Are you ready to see your sketches come to life?

The best garment production London has to offer

When it comes to garment and toile creation, we know how important it is to make sure it fits well, functions properly, and looks good! There’s no point in creating a garment that hasn’t passed basic fit tests, that’s why we always ensure toile fitting to make sure your bespoke dresses look seamless.

Alongside our list of expertise, we also offer services in pattern creation, CMT production, made to order garments, bespoke garments, garment sewing toile fittings, couture garments, and more.

Ready to work together?

We love meeting new clients and collaborating to bring gorgeous new dresses to life. If you’re ready to see your designs in the flesh, come and visit us in our West London studio for an initial chat. Our MOQ is one garment and all bespoke orders are welcome!

Looking for a reliable, skilled, and trusted team in London? Find our contact details below.



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