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Experienced Womenswear Machinist


  • Job Title: Womenswear Sample Machinist

  • Job Location: West London W10 4LG

  • Job Type: Full-Time

  • Employment type: subcontractor

  • Hours: 9-5 pm Mon - Fri or negotiable 

  • Salary: Negotiary (depends on experience) 

  • Payment types: per piece, per hour (both or either depending on the candidate skills and speed) 

  • Documents required: valid ID, the right to live and work in the UK, UTR number 

  • IMPORTANT: you will be asked to perform all the sewing work on the premises. No work is allowed to be taken outside the premises for sewing even if you have your own studio.



Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced womenswear machinist with over 7 years of experience in making women's clothing from start to finish. An ideal candidate will have worked for a sampling and manufacturing unit in the same industry offering high-end finishing to garments. Please apply only if you are ready to start making garments as you join us because we are not looking for candidates who need training on industrial equipment, recent university alumni or candidates experienced in upholstery manufacturing. 


What garments you'll be making 

  • Women's dresses 

  • Coats 

  • Trousers 

  • Tops

  • Blouses and shirts 


What fabrics you will be working with 

  • Silks

  • Wool and cashmere (seasonal) 

  • Cotton

  • Jerseys

  • Fur (seasonal) 


Will I be cutting garments, too? 

No. You will be sewing garments from pre-cut patterns


Will I do any garment alterations? 

Occasionally, yes. 


Skills set we are looking for: 

Ability to perform French seams 

Ability to work on industrial machinery and press 

Ability to perform hand stitching 

Ability to perform pin hems 

Ability to read and understand dockets and instructions supplied with the garment 

Ability to follow garment construction notes 

Ability to meet deadlines and work independently to fulfil the order in a timely manner 

Ability to understand English at an everyday communication level 



As a subcontractor, you will have the choice of taking a holiday at any time of the year. However, it is recommended you discuss the holiday periods with the team and the Production Manager to avoid work overload and absence from work at busy periods of the year. We aim to provide a better life-work balance to every member of our team. Therefore, you may be asked to have a maximum of two weeks holiday in one go as longer holiday periods may strain the rest of our team who may have to work overtime during your absence. 



Paid weekly directly into your bank account 



You will be responsible for reporting your income to HMRC and filing your own Tax Return each year.


Application process stages

Stage 1: online application/CV submission

Stage 2: a face-to-face interview with the Director 

Stage 3: an unpaid trial where you will be asked to sew a garment from start to finish. There is no time limit to the trial, however, it should take you up to one hour to complete this garment. The purpose of this trial is to assess your seam quality skills, speed and ability to use industrial machinery. The trial and the interview are often offered on the same day for your convenience. 


What's next? 

If successful, you will be able to discuss the details of your employment and a potential start date. 


I applied but haven't received a response?

Due to a high number of applicants, we apologise in advance if we are unable to answer to your application or provide grounds for refusal.


How to apply

Fill in the application form and wait to hear from us. If successful, you will be invited for an interview.


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