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Our fully experienced in-house pattern cutters enable us to offer pattern making and product development for more demanding styles and advise our customers of technical difficulties and solutions for their desired concept.


All our garments are made on site and our dedicated staff ensures the highest of standards are achieved in production. All our clients are encouraged to fully inspect all garments made not only to check the quality but to give them pride and confidence in the product.


With our vast knowledge & experience in the industry, we can help with any sourcing or advise needed to locate the right suppliers for your trims whether they be bespoke or off the shelf.



We create patterns manually, from scratch, based on your design idea and specifications. Our creative pattern cutters have years of experience in the industry and valuable skills and knowledge about how to make your garment fit perfectly well. We can also recommend the best-fit options for your clothing be it men's or womenswear. We price each design individually and require the following information: 

  • sketch/photo/sample garment/tech pack (any of them)

  • your deadline

  • information about the fabric for the final product (silk, etc) 

NOTE: a fashion designer retains all ownership rights to the pattern we create. You can choose to store the pattern with us for future use, or collect it and use it elsewhere if you outsource your mass manufacturing to a third party manufacturer. Neither do we keep or sell block patterns due to the policy of our company. 


Tanya Dimitrova Fitting - Sampling and Production.jpg


Creation of the first sample is an essential part of your clothing line development. Key for setting standards for mass production to follow, used in photoshoots or for PR and marketing purposes. Average turnaround period for one sample is 5-10 days, for a collection of 10+ garments please enquire here .



Toile fitting is a process that follows creative pattern cutting. We always include the cost of toile fabric in the cost of pattern cutting & toile fitting. Calico is the most-frequently used fabric for this purpose. However, we always select fabric for your toile nearest to the final garment fabric to ensure the best possible fit. 


We recommend to do a toile fitting on site and you can do so by booking a fitting appointment with the fitter. We can do a fitting on a standard UK size mannequin or a fitting model. For fitting model enquiries please contact Fittings Division (model fees apply) or any other alternative agency of your choice.

Zipper many colors_edited.jpg


We do not have a stock counter on the premises where we sell trims but we are able to source certain types of trims we use most often for producing clothes. Some of these trims are included in the cost of manufacturing. Please see below. 


Included in the cost of manufacturing: 

  • Toile fabric 

  • Threads 

  • Fusing 

  • Fusing tape 

  • Plastic hangers 

  • Polythene garment bags


Not included in the cost of manufacturing and can be sourced on request for an additional fee: 

  • Zips 

  • Binding ribbons 

  • Shirt buttons (MOQ x 1000 buttons in the same size and colour applies)

  • Lining fabric 

  • Bespoke fabric printing 


If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us and see how we can help. 



Regardless of your business model (wholesale, retail, bespoke or made-to-order) we accept orders starting from as little as one garment. It's great if you are already selling on a mass scale but if you are not, our one-off garment sewing is for you.

What we create: 


  • menswear

  • womenswear

  • bridal

  • bespoke

  • flower girl dresses

  • occasionwear

  • tailored​


Fabrics we work with include and not limited to: 

  • leather

  • suiting

  • silk

  • crepe

  • cotton

  • jacquard

  • taffeta

  • jersey

  • lycra

  • sequence etc. 



Pattern alterations is a process that often follows the toile fitting process. However, we also offer alterations of patterns you outsourced elsewhere and maybe not fully satisfied with the fit of the garment. We can alter the pattern, apply these changes to your existing sample or create a new sample following your request for fit/style changes. Pattern and garment alterations are priced individually. Average turnaround period from 3-7 days but it is advised you check for availability first to avoid disappointment. 



Starting from as little as 10 garments, we manufacture clothes for many independent brands. Products are priced individually so please get in touch.


An average lead time for 10 garments is from one depending on how busy we are with other clients' orders. Please ensure the timely delivery of raw materials, too, as it affects the final delivery date.

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