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Prices: each design is priced individually

What's needed to obtain a quotation: tech packs, readable sketches, photos, or physical samples of garments

How to obtain a price:



Turnaround times:


  • We work around your deadlines but it is recommended you check availability first. 


MOQs: one garment 


Inevitable but vital in the development of a clothing line, sampling is another one of the services we offer often preceded by pattern creation. The quality of sampling is as important as getting your patterns right as it affects not only your revenue and attraction for potential buyers but the whole manufacturing process. Low-quality samples will compromise on the quality of the entire production whilst high standard samples enable you to set the standard for the future mass manufacturing process. 


When quoting sample prices, we always include high-end finishings as standard to ensure your end product is the best quality to impress you, your buyers and to be followed by the future manufacturing team. 

Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production - Bridal

How it works: 


Samples* made from patterns** created by us: 


  • Made in accordance with the pattern and any changes applied during the toile fitting

  • 'Shell' garment fitting may be required (depending on the type of garment we are making) and we will inform you of this in advance so you can arrange the time and date convenient to you and/or your fit model 

  • Your garment is ready to wear, shoot, present to stores, send to mass manufacturers to follow the quality or any other purposes you had it made for 


* We do not keep stock of ready-made samples for you to choose designs from. Each and every sample is made to order from your designs. Should you wish to check the standard of quality we offer, visit the clients' list page to view the full range of clothing we make.

**We NEVER offer standard pattern blocks for reuse or resell purposes. We create each pattern from scratch based on your design requirements. Learn more about pattern services here


Samples made from your patterns on a CMT basis (cut, make, trim) 

Often used if you already have your patterns the fit of which you are satisfied with but need a garment made to high standards. 


  • We revise the existing pattern and assess your requirements for changes if any. Note that changes are subject to additional fees if you need your patterns to be altered. Learn more about pattern alterations here.

  • We cut and made the sample in accordance with your tech pack requirements. If you are not sure what type of finishing works best for your garment, feel free to ask and we will advise you on all options available.



Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production - Isabelle Fox London

Are you a designer who makes to order?


Check out our one-off garments page for bespoke and couture clients. 


Risk of overloading the stock that may not sell?


New to online retail and want to sell first and only then have the garment made? Visit our made-to-order page if you wish to produce after you have sold your item via a retail website. Ideal for small brands and startups who wish to reduce the risk of ordering excessive stock.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and see how we can help. 

Have a question? You may find an answer on our FAQ page.  

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