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Prices: each design is priced individually

What's needed to obtain a quotation: tech packs, readable sketches, photos, or physical samples of garments

How to obtain a price:


Turnaround times: we work around your deadlines but it is advised you check for availability first. You may find it helpful to plan your order placement in advance and specify your deadline when asking for a quotation. 


MOQs: one garment 


Pattern cutting is key in clothes production. Getting the right shape involves precision, creativity, a good eye for detail and a high level of expertise. 


We understand your requirements and translate your design ideas and sketches into a perfectly-fitting wearable garment. 

How it works: 


Patterns created from scratch: 


  • We create a pattern draft* based on your design ideas and requirements (hard copy) 

  • We cut and make an initial toile

  • We do a fitting on a fit model of your choice or on an industry-standard mannequin

  • We prefer you, the designer, to be present at the fitting 

  • We amend the toile during the toile fitting and apply fit changes to the draft pattern by finalising it 

  • We cut and make a final garment from a fabric provided by you


Your garment is ready to wear, shoot, present to stores or any other purposes you had it made for 


* We NEVER offer standard pattern blocks for reuse or resell purposes. We create each pattern from scratch based on your design requirements 


Alterations of existing patterns


It happens you may have a pattern that needs some fit or design changes.  


  • We revise the existing pattern and assess your requirements for changes 

  • We will inform you of whether or not these changes are possible to bring to life thanks to the expertise of our pattern creators 

  • We apply changes to the existing pattern or create a new one where needed

  • A new toile might be required to make in order to test out design changes. We will always advise whether or not you need a new toile so you can make the right decision 

  • If we make a toile, a usual process of sewing the final garment applies 

  • If you do not require making of a final garment, you may decide to collect the final altered pattern only or request a quotation for having your patterns digitally graded.


Patterns without further sample make 


There are cases where you have the making skills but not pattern creation skills. We can create patterns as per your design request, do the toile fitting and provide you with the finished hard copy pattern.


Already have the pattern and need your garment made? Check our Sampling page here.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and see how we can help. 

Have a question? You may find an answer on our FAQ page.  


Sampling - Tanya Dimitrova Sampliang and Production

Toile fitting 


Toile fitting follows the creation of a pattern step usually by default. We provide toiling** fabric ourselves often finding a less expensive version of fabric nearest to your sample's fabric. If you would like to provide your own toiling fabric you need to let us know in advance. The cost of toiling fabric is included in the pattern quotation unless you specify that you will provide your own toiling fabric. 


**We do not provide toiling fabric for garments made from stretchy fabrics due to the risk of 'give' and 'stretch' difference between the fabric we may choose for toiling and your final garment fabric. Such toiling fabrics is to be provided by the client. 


On-site fittings

It is recommended we do a toile fitting on site in the presence of our Founder Tanya Dimitrova who personally revises all requests and advises you on potential do's and don'ts of a garment fit to achieve the desired look of a garment and ensure a perfect fit. During the fitting, Tanya pins, cuts, folds, checks and makes fitting notes which are then followed by our pattern creators and specialists. 


Off-site fittings* 

Available for bespoke and couture clients, we offer off-site fittings when one of our fitters travels to the location for the following purposes: 


  • Take the client's correct measurements for a bespoke/couture garment 

  • Do a toile/garment fitting on a client 


*Off-site fittings are available to clients of Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production only and are subject to additional charges priced on a per hour basis. If you would like to book an off-site fitting or learn more about the process please book the fitting using our online booking form here or contact us. 



Already have the pattern and need your garment sewn? Check our Sampling page here.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and see how we can help. 

Have a question? You may find an answer on our FAQ page.  

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