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Party Dress Designer

Searching for a party dress designer in London? Look no further than Tanya Dimitrova. We handcraft all items to order in our studio. Get in touch today. When it comes to creating party dresses, your personality should shine through from the very start of the design process, right to the final thread.


The broad technical skills of our leading dress designers in London ensures a perfect finish across our range of unique and vibrant party dresses that will have you on the best dressed list. We work with patterns and textiles of all types to create truly visionary dress designs that reflect your individual taste, or your brand’s distinct aesthetic. Based in London, our studio team specialises in creating dresses for a wide range of styles and occasions. We exclusively work with the finest textiles that are visually striking and boast superior quality to the touch.

Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production - bespoke tailoring and couture sewing


Party Dress Designer Services in London

Are you in need of party dress designer services in London? As a leading sampling and production studio in West London, we offer a range of services from bespoke dress design to couture garment tailoring.  In London, our party dress designer services have been sought after by esteemed high-end brands, both established and emerging designers in the local area, as well as individual clients aiming to make their mark in the realm of exquisite dress design.


Our materials epitomise quality and endurance, and in collaboration with the vision of our leading London designers, result in designs that possess an enduring timelessness. We hold a fervent passion for all facets of contemporary dress design. Regardless of the party dress you envision in London, our dedicated team stands ready to swiftly transform your sketches into meticulously sewn, measured, and fitted creations.

Visit Our Party Dress Studio in London

Are you in search of an established party dressmaking company in London that you can depend on for quality production and unmatchable creative input? then look no further than Tanya Dimitrova. We can assist with all parts of the dress making process, and will sit down with you to get a solid idea of what you want. Every part of a party dress should bear the imprint of your personality – from the tone to the silhouette. We expedite the design process and readily share every detail with you, encompassing projected costs and the design timeline. Reach out today and speak with one of our foremost dress designers in London.

Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production - Fitting Room facilities
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