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Pattern & Toile Fitting

Searching for a West-London-based pattern & toile fitting studio to bring your designs to life? Look no further than Tanya Dimitrova. We handcraft all items to order in our studio. Get in touch today. When it comes to creating made to measure dresses and high-quality clothing, we bring an unrivalled level of expertise in the production and manufacturing business that extends to pattern and toile fitting. Ensuring a perfect finish across all of our garments is paramount to us, and tailoring garments is our speciality. Pattern and toile fitting will only save time in the long run, as adjustments made by our team to the pattern and toile ensure fitting issues can be promptly addressed before cutting into the final fabric. It can put the design process steps ahead, and ensures the final product is perfect in every detail. Our studio team specialise in garment making of all styles and occasions, using only the very best textiles that are striking on the eye, and quality to the touch. 

Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production - bespoke tailoring and couture sewing


Bespoke Pattern & Toile Fitting Services

Are you in need of bespoke pattern and toile fitting services? As a leading sampling and production studio in West London, we offer a range of services from bespoke garment design to couture garment tailoring. Our clothes production services have been utilised by high-end brands, established and emerging designers, individual clients and anyone looking to bring a creative look to life. Our materials are supreme in quality and durability, and when paired with the unique design outlook of our top designers, create designs that are truly timeless. We’re passionate about all aspects of contemporary design, and understand the importance of the tailoring and toile fitting that showcases how a final design will look. Our designers will then ensure any alterations are made to the garment, communicating their process with you. Whatever garment you're looking to bring to life, our team is on call to have your sketches sewn, measured and fitted in no time at all. 

Visit Our Pattern Production Studio

Are you in search of an established and professional pattern production studio? then look no further than Tanya Dimitrova. We can assist with all parts of the garment making process, and will sit down with you to get a solid idea of what you want. A striking occasion garment should have your personality stitched and sewn into every intricate detail, from the colour and shade, to the shape that you find most flattering. We can quickly put a design plan in progress and communicate the details with you, including estimated costs and design schedule. Get in touch today, and arrange your visit to our pattern production studio today.

Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production - Fitting Room facilities
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