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Creative Pattern Cutting: Bring Your Designs To Life

Updated: May 3, 2023

Have you ever had a moment of inspiration? Or perhaps an idea for a garment that you’ve been imagining for a while?

Well, you don’t need to keep that idea in your head any longer! Here at Tanya Dimitrova, we have a creative pattern cutting team that is here to bring your ideas into reality. Whether this is your first time working with our pattern cutting London team or not, we are here to guide you through the garment pattern process.

Interested in pattern making for fashion design services? Read more to explore how our creative pattern cutting can help you.

Creating 3D Dreams

We are a team of skilled tailors and pattern cutters, here to help with your next project.

Many of the clients we work with come to us with a design idea and we use our industry knowledge to bring this to life. The creative pattern cutting techniques we use allow us to create any silhouette needed with appropriate fastenings and finishings too.

When you work with the Tanya Dimitrova team, our garment pattern cutters will recommend the best fit options, fabrics, and any other technical elements to make sure your garment looks good and fits well too.

One of the best parts of garment pattern making is seeing the end product come together and the joy on the client’s face. If you’re ready to see your dream garment in 3D, contact us today so we can work out the next step together.

Working With Fashion Designers

If you need a garment pattern, London is the best city to be in. With unlimited fabric stores and inspiration everywhere, our team thrives when pattern making for fashion design in this city. If you’re a fashion designer and you choose to work with us, you’ll retain the rights and ownership to the pattern we create.

Let us help you boost your business with streamlined designs and sophisticated results!

What We Need

Ready to get to work with the Tanya Dimitrova team? When clients use our pattern cutting London services, there are a few elements we’ll need from you to get started.

Make sure you have any:

  • Sketches, photos, tech packs, or sample garments.

  • A deadline to work to.

  • Any additional information about fabrics you want to use.

Once we’ve discussed these elements, we’ll be able to take the next step in creating your designs. If you have any additional questions for us, we’re always more than happy to clarify our process in the initial consultation.

Chat With Us Today

The Tanya Dimitrova team understands how exciting this process can be, so when we start work with designers and clients we make sure to listen to their vision. All bespoke ideas are welcome and our MOQ is one garment. We look forward to exploring your next idea together.

Visit us in our West London store or contact us online to get your creative pattern cutting project started now



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