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Startup Fashion Designer's Checklist - 30 Days to Make Your Sketches a Reality

Updated: May 3, 2023

Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production - startup Designer's Checklist

We often get approached by startup fashion brands whose questions tend to be more or less similar. Unfortunately, the process of manufacturing is not something designers learn at universities. It gets even more difficult for startups who have zero background in the fashion industry and think they cannot launch their own label due to lack of knowledge.

Experience in the manufacturing industry is a bonus. But that is not always the case considering the fact that there is currently a shortage of manufacturing skills and even courses that teach machinist or pattern cutter skills. On the positive side of things, we have prepared a checklist that explains what steps are involved in turning your design ideas into reality. See below:


> Inspiration

> Sketch


> Main fabric source

> Trims and haberdashery

> Pattern cutter

> First sample sewer

> Fit model/body/mannequin

> Toile fitting

> Pattern approval

> First sample sewing

> First sample QC and approval

> Tech pack

> Pattern grading per design

> Size chart

> Total production number confirmation

> Manufacturer source

> First production sample test by the manufacturer

> QC of the first production sample and approval

> Manufacture

> QC session before delivery

> Collect production or request delivery

> Sell and make a profit

Best of luck with your collections!



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