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Pattern Cutting and Toile Fitting in London

Updated: May 3, 2023

Woven Labels - Tanya Dimitrova Apparel Sampling and Production

When it’s time to launch your brand or time to create a bespoke dress, who do you turn to? There are many studios that offer sampling services and small production runs in London, but how do you know which services to opt for? Or who to trust to bring your creations to life?

Our team of talented pattern cutters and seamstresses are passionate about luxury garments and good fit! Whether you need creative pattern cutting services or bespoke bridal gowns made, contact us for a premium pattern cutting London experience.

Exceptional toile fitting in London

We have a team of exceptional in-house pattern cutters that are ready to make your life easier. Through years of experience and passion for perfect garments, our team knows how to navigate complex shapes and fit to provide you with creative solutions.

There’s no such thing as an unmakeable garment here! Our team always works with complex problem solving to create garments in demanding styles and unique silhouettes. With experience in creative patterns, tailoring, and fitting, the team at Tanya Dimitrova are the pattern production studio for you!

Samples are the key to a perfect garment

Getting samples right before you start production is key! Fit, style, look, and technical function can all be tested when you start the sampling process, so it’s important to get this initial step right.

It’s also important to create toiles in your desired fabric to know how the garment will behave in that material. Sometimes, it’s not how you would expect! This is the same for trims and fastenings, sample clothing manufacturers always test these to check the garment functions before final production.

Toile fittings and pattern cutting are a necessary and fun part of the designing experience!

How we can help you

Tanya Dimitrova offers a range of services to help you get your sketches samples well. From fully integrated CMT (cut, make, trim) packages, creative pattern cutting services, sample development, and toile fitting services, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our experienced team is also here to help with one-off garment sewing, alterations, and more. We work with menswear, womenswear, bespoke, occasion wear, tailoring, and bridal wear too. Let us help you look perfect on your big day in a custom made-to-order gown!

Don’t be shy...

If you need any sampling services and small production runs in London, look no further.

Here at Tanya Dimitrova, we are dedicated to creating high-quality and luxury solutions for all clients. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an emerging brand, an established brand, or just after a bespoke garment - we’re always here to help.

Find our contact details below to get started on your dream garment.



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