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Things to Know About Woven Labels

Updated: May 3, 2023

Woven Labels - Tanya Dimitrova Apparel Sampling and Production

Looking to order woven brand labels for the first time? Here'a what you need to know if you are ordering it with one of the UK based companies.

1. Get your artwork ready 2. Decide on the size of your label 3. Simple easy-to-read logos containing fewer words look better when produced 4. You might need to pay a sample setup fee which starts from £15 5. Some labels are produced in the UK with short turnaround period 6. Some labels are manufactured outside the UK with lead times stretching to up to 6-8 weeks 7. If you are not sure about how your finished label will look, pay the setup fee, receive a small sample batch (15-20 pcs) by post and see if you like them. Make changes if necessary before approving a larger order. 8. Steam, press, wash and stretch your sample labels before approving the larger order. Trust us, we have had some cases when labels looked great but shrunk during the manufacturing process by ruining the look of the garment. 9. Prepare the balance payment on time. Your ready labels will not be released unless you have paid the balance in full.

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